Empathy ‘Things’ Workshop

27th June 2016

Part of DRS 2016

Grand Parade building, Brighton University School of Art and Design, Brighton BN2 0JY


Welcome and introductions


Introduction to the theme – What is an empathy ‘thing’? 

by Lorraine Gamman and Adam Thorpe


Presentations by ‘proponents’ of the empathy ‘things’ 


1. Eva Knutz and Thomas Markussen (University of Southern Denmark)

2. Sissel Olander (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture & Design)

3. Carla Cipolla (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, COPPE Brazil)

4. Sarah Nagle (Design Research Insight, REI Coop, Seattle)

5. Tasman Munro (University of Technology Sydney)

6. Rohan Lulham (University of Technology Sydney)

7. Adam Thorpe (University of the Arts London)

Working Groups sharing and comparing

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